Universal Plastics Group was formed in 2012 with the acquisition of Universal Plastics Corporation by Jay Kumar with the goal of acquiring, holding and growing strong plastics manufacturing businesses by making investments in capabilities, technology, capacity and talent.

In 2013, Universal Plastics Group acquired Mayfield Plastics with the intent of growing the thermoforming business through the combined strength and synergies of both companies. Together, Mayfield & Universal Plastics represent the largest heavy gauge thermoformer in the Northeast United States.

In 2017, Universal Plastics Group expanded its capabilities by acquiring Sajar Plastics to include large part injection molding and Premium Plastics Solutions to include custom blow molding. Sajar and Premium Plastics have increased our scale and the breadth of services we offer and made them a perfect complement to our family of companies. Through these acquisitions, Universal Plastics Group can offer our customers a bevy of solutions to meet all their plastics needs and ‘a tool cost for every budget’.

All four companies within the Universal Plastics Group family share a long history of providing their customers with high quality, large complex molded parts and are known for outstanding customer service and engineering support. Each has maintained their staff, operating facilities and processes.

Universal Plastics Group is affiliated with Wembly Enterprises

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